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Bull UFG is a new brand of men's clothes that puts us a lot.                                 


He was born a few years ago in Lodz, the capital of fashion in Poland, with a very clear idea - to offer the clothes of 'urban fetish', that you can always wear, not only during a more or less romantic meeting, a session or party in Yumbo, but also on the street, living your day to day. Nothing better than wearing your fetish and being seen.

'BULL is that kinky guy in you who just wants to express your inner fetish
not only at the clubs but also when rocking the streets.
So what are you waiting for, gear up! '
  • Brand goal Bull UFG: bring fetish to the street. Create gay male clothing (And not just gay) that check package, shoulders, pecs, and feel good. Offer products that can be used on every occasion.

t-shirt Bull UFG

  • All clothing is handmade in Poland, made from the best materials - built to last. Designs thought down to the last detail (sic!).
  • The Tshirts, They are made of 100% cotton, with elastic material that prevents it from deforming from so much putting it on and taking it off and it also has a silicone support on the sleeves to enhance the shoulders.
  • The leather pants, are made of the best quality Italian sheep leather, resistant to water, sweat and rain (of any kind). It is sewn with elastic thread, to amortize sudden movements and prevent breakage.
  • The shorts, are designed not only to be comfortable but also to mark the package well. It has elastic bands that prevent the material from breaking.  

And what we also like is the price. The value for money is unbeatable.

  • Bull UFG puts a lot. With little money you can get a shorts, harness, jockstrap, trousers, shirt, tank top, fetish accessories that will last a long time. They are comfortable garments and you can use them as long as you want to mark your style.
We are and will be pending, but very aware of the creations of the boys of BULL. All the collection is now available in maskio.es

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