How to choose the right harness?

Just like the harness, a very important accessory in the gay environment, there are so many gay boys who use it and on so many occasions, that it cannot be missing from your closet. Today there are many harnesses for men, of different materials, colors, sizes, shapes, with extensions, without them...

And when buying a harness it can be a bit complicated for us choose the most suitable harness. Have you ever thought about buying one? Well, make yourself comfortable and let's investigate a little more on the subject.

Harness materials.

First we are going to classify them by materials, I would say that there are two large groups, the semi-rigid and the elastic.

  • semi-rigid harnesses They are made of leather, it can be leather or synthetic leather. These have better durability features, so if you like to be pulled, held tight, or just like the smell of leather, it's a very good option. Another important point to take into account is the material of the buckles, if they are metallic, better than plastic. All this matters if what you want is a harness that accompanies you on all your adventures.  sexual.

arnés maskulo

  • elastic harnesses, made with elastic straps that adjust to your body, defining your muscles and giving a much more aesthetic touch to your body. They are much more comfortable, since they adjust to your body and some of them usually have some part made of leather, vinyl or some type of material that matches the design. These are perfect for going out dancing on the dance floor, going to clubs or parties where you are going to move a lot and want to stand out.

harness size

The harness is one of the easiest accessories to choose in terms of size. As for the elastics, they are usually grouped into two sizes only S-M and L-XL since, being elastic, they will fit your body without any problem. And as for the semi-rigids, it's a little more of the same, most are adjustable at various points, so there is no problem in choosing one that fits you.

Shape of the male harnesses

Regarding the form, we are going to touch on the subject a little above, since it is a topic with a lot of history and in which a lot can be investigated, so we better leave it for another article in which we will only talk about the form of the harnesses.

There are infinite types of harnesses for men as far as their shape is concerned. H-shaped harness, figure-8 harness, with cock ring, harness to match jockstrap, harness with attachment to the jockstrap... The shape can give a lot of play when choosing the perfect harness for men, but only you can choose the one you like the most since it is a purely aesthetic matter. 

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Marks of the harnesses in Maskio

And like the shape, there are many brands on the market when it comes to choosing your perfect harness. We will talk about the ones you have in which are the ones we know first hand. Regarding harnesses, we have 3 brands in the store, MisterB, muscles Y BullUFG.

Harness from MisterB is made of good quality leather, metal buckles and adjustable, so it is a good choice if what you want is a harness for life and that does not scare you on a night of debauchery.

 arnés para hombre

Maskulo harness, they are still semi-rigid but since they are not made of leather they are somewhat more flexible, they are good quality harnesses but with slightly more innovative designs. You can find military harnesses, with different materials and even textures.

BullUFG harnesses are elastic but all of them have some element in leather or vinyl that enhances your pectorals even more. They have a harness with a jockstrap, a harness with a cockring, a matching harness with a jockstrap... Perfect if you don't want to go unnoticed at the party next weekend.

I hope that we have been able to help you a little on how to choose the most suitable harness, at least, to have things clear when choosing a complement from the cry fetish just as important as a harness. And if you still have doubts, you know! We are available in our customer service chat.

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