How to choose the ideal men's swimsuit?

Summer is coming and you still haven't chosen the mens swimwear perfect to mark you this summer? Do not panic! We have some tips to help you decide.

The Swimwear It is one of the garments that you will probably wear the most during your summer vacations. Essential for the beach, it is quite common to leave it on for several hours, even after swimming. And even if you don't have a chance to go to the beach, the pool is never far away. That's why you Swimwear It must be absolutely comfortable to be at ease all day, but also elegant and original for a modern look.


Whether for swimming or sunbathing by the sea, you are sure to find the perfect model of men's swimsuit in our online store Maskio

Types of swimsuits

Slip swimsuits

Slip Swimsuits



The slip is a garment that helps to be seductive on the beaches, the swimsuit will be your best ally. The men's swim trunks returns with multiple designs, colors and patterns. Tighter and less covered, it is appreciated by men who take care of their body and who feel comfortable with themselves. Low-waisted and fitted cut, it's sexy and perfect for a fuller tan. Recommended for people of short stature, it makes your legs appear longer and slimmer. With this type of swimsuit you assume your body and you highlight your muscles. It is a sexy asset for emphasize your masculinity and highlight your silhouette. It is also the choice of athletes, as it is perfectly adapted to swimming, and is often the only type of Swimwear allowed in public swimming pools for hygiene reasons. The advice with this type of cut is especially to choose it to your measure to emphasize your shape and be comfortable.


Boxer swimsuits - great classic of the Mediterranean beaches 

Boxer Swimsuits

If you are not a fan of briefs, you can always resort to a boxer or shorts. The cut of a short is similar to the boxer cut. The difference between these two models is their length: a boxer is shorter than a shorts. Both cover a little more than a brief and are a good choice between swimsuits. They are very tight, emphasize your muscles and they fit perfectly to your body. Boxers highlight the thighs and buttocks, for a perfect figure. Recommended for tall people, improving the proportions of your body. They are practical allies that offer support and comfort for your private parts.


Swim shorts: the swimsuit that goes everywhere

Swimsuits shorts they are without a doubt the men's favorite swimsuit and the star garment on the beaches. What if is so successful, it is because it is the most universal model. It is suitable for all body types with its loose fit, which slopes more or less towards the thighs. It is the perfect choice if you want a garment that you can wear at any time. Swimsuits shorts  They are suitable for many types of leisure and can even be worn as urban shorts. Therefore, it is ideal for beach days, where you rarely change your clothes. The short swimsuits  for men they usually have a drawstring at the waist and are usually equipped with an inner mesh brief to ensure comfort. With this choice you will be comfortable all day.


How to choose the ideal men's swimsuit?

Choose quality fabrics for your swimsuits.

In general, you will find two materials for swimsuits: polyester and polyamide. Polyamide is resistant to friction, easy to maintain, quick-drying, but especially polyamide easily evacuates water while still losing elasticity. Polyester will have the same characteristics but with a little less comfort since it loses elasticity.

They are two materials that are often mixed with spandex, also called elastane to provide more flexibility, elasticity and comfort. These are the three most suitable fibers and water resistant, from fast dry and what do you get the maximum comfort.


Quality, comfort, look and environment

On MASKIO We are committed to brands that can guarantee values:

  • sustainability
  • quality
  • european production
  • fair deal with workers
  • certified materials
  • LGTBIQ + friendly

The products you buy in they have to last much longer than a single season.

Modus Vivendi is an example of the company that meets our requirements - offering fantastic swimsuits, with original designs and finishes in detail

In addition, like all products of Modus Vivendi, are designed to ensure comfort and at the same time highlight the strengths of each man. 

Their fabrics vary according to the collection: you can find swimsuits made of 3D effect material, from recycled fabric, antibacterial material and in different finishes.

We hope we have helped you with our men's swimwear guide. If you have any questions, remember that you can always get in touch with us - we will be happy to help you choose your perfect men's swimsuit.  



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