Maskio - complete guide to sexy lingerie for men

The underwear for men It was largely invented in the 1930s with the use of appropriate fabrics and designs. The sewing technique used in their clothing worked wonderfully in getting men interested in trying different styles. Although there are many styles that were not accepted by the majority in the beginning, over time, they were accepted and incorporated into the wardrobes of all men. 
However, the male lingerie it's still somewhere between being an outfit worn on the inside and a garment that is flaunted on the outside. No matter what style you decide to use: fetish clothes or casual, it has to give you the most important task, that of taking care of your most precious parts. There is nothing as valuable as your body and the most important thing about your outfit is the comfort it brings you. If you are someone who likes to pay attention to the style you use in your interior, Maskio it's in the right place. It is very important that everyone knows all the possibilities that exist and the benefits that each one of them can offer you. 

Coming to the current scenario, knowing the correct size will not be enough to buy the perfect garment of men's underwear, but it is one of the main ones. In addition to the size, it is very important to know the variants and their benefits. If you are interested in learning about the different styles and want to update your wardrobe, this is the right place for you. Below we show you the variants available in men's lingerie and what style you should choose.

Men's boxers

They are the men's underwear variant that runs from mid-thigh to the knee and can be either tight or loose fitting. Tight fitting prevents your underwear from marking and keeps everything in place. If, on the other hand, you like to have freedom in your most intimate area, you will be interested in baggy boxers, allowing full movement without restrictions. There are many men who do not like another variant than boxers, what do they have that we all like? They are comfortable and sexy. Macho is always a good choice that you can find at


Men's boxers Macho

Men's brief 

Men's briefs are known as the most chosen style that took hold of the hearts of the male population. They provide the best comfort and support once you choose the perfect model. There are many men who find men's briefs their best companion for various events. They love it so much that they buy the same variant once the old one wears out and they don't switch to any other. In the following image you have an example of a slip with breathable fabric from the Macho brand, available at

Slip Macho brand

Men's thongs 

Once you try the mens thong, there is nothing else you need to worry about, not your comfort or your appearance. You will not find a more comfortable garment and you will get a sexy look that you have always wanted. Highlight your glutes and make you have a more attractive package.

Jockstraps for men

If you are a person who likes to add comfort while doing a physical exercise, then you must have heard of the jockstrap for men. They are the variant that was initially introduced as underwear for cyclists but later began to be used on any occasion and as fetish clothes. They are comfortable and elegant, they can be used for any sport or social event. Especially on the hottest days they provide you with freshness and comfort. Enhance the buttocks with elastic bands and highlight your pack by putting everything in its place. If this is your choice, you cannot pass up the variety of jockstrap of the brand Maskulo in


Jockstrap Maskulo

Apart from these styles of men's underwear, there are categories in which they have been divided.
Sexy underwear for men contains variants that give you a sexy look. It is seductive and attractive in key moments for your sexual relations. 

One of the web pages that can help you choose different garments, fabrics, styles, brands ... is, it is one of the most reliable websites with the best customer service. Only the best brands can access the website and there is something for everyone. You just have to browse the website and you will fall in love with the clothes it has. Brands such as Macho, MisterB, Bull UFG, Modus Vivendi, Maskulo, Barcode Berlin, etc. They are there to offer you the best options. Many customers trust Maskio and buy their ideal men's underwear. You can buy your own garment and experience what it feels like to be satisfied with yourself.

Now that you know a little more about men's lingerie, you can choose the right garment and show it in the most intimate moments. Take advantage of the offers they have on and by signing up for the newsletter you will have a 10% discount coupon on all products.

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