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New brand in Maskio: Maskulo

Maskulo is a brand of fetish clothing for men joins Maskio. The company was founded in 2014. It is an openly gay-operated brand from Russia. Located in the heart of 'cold' Siberia, it is part of the international trade system: choosing the best fabric suppliers no matter where they are, then developing our Creative designs, manufacture the clothes and send them around the world using the fastest system, through international express parcel services.

Maskulo - marca de ropa

The idea of the brand Maskulo shown in the slogan 'Exposed masculinity'. It means that our fetish material, whether of shiny neoprene, elastic lycra, latex or spandex, makes any man feel sexy and attractive. Maskulo goes to great lengths to create clothing that increases the sex appeal who uses it. You know that any man is attractive because of his manly nature, right? The only thing left to do is highlight the correct points. That is why Maskulo carefully offers leggings hand made, Tshirts wrestling, Shorts, Tshirts, tank tops, jockstraps, underpants boxer type and accessories made from the finest materials with passion and attention to the kinkiest details.


More about Maskulo

The founders of Maskulo, Artem Smyslov and Bulat Barantaev, support organizations such as the Russian democratic movement 'Solidarnost' (Solidarity), the Russian democratic party 'Parnas', the civil movement 'Za prava cheloveka' ('Movement for human rights') , 'GERD - Homosexuals, Relatives and Friends'.
These democratic movements defend the freedom of the media and the Internet, honest elections, open government, democratic values. They draw public attention to fraudulent elections, an administrative pressure on voters. They reveal the corruption of federal and local authorities coming together to oppose silly international politics etc.


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