What is it, and why shouldn't you say no to a jockstrap?

What is a Jockstrap?

Cool, sexy athletic jockstraps should be integrated into your underwear rather than foolishly discarded. This is why ...

Common undergarments like boxers and briefs overlook an alternative that is well worth considering. Men's jockstrap, with its front pouch accentuating your assets and elastic straps that will enhance your butt at harder heights, it has been around since the late 1800s.

Originally called the "jockey rider," designed for riders who provide extra support when pedaling on cobblestone streets, they became favorites for impact sports like football and rugby.

Still don't know whether to incorporate a jockstrap between your underwear? Let us enlighten you ...

¿Qué es, y por qué usar Suspensorios?

Why shouldn't you say no to a jockstrap?

1. They are more comfortable than underpants and boxers.

Imagine a world where underpants don't exist. With a jockstrap, it is not necessary. Get the perfect adjustment and a jockstrap is a much more comfortable option to wear throughout the day than any other garment of underwear tight or looser. Avoid stiff sandpaper-like denim and go for the softness of your sportswear. And just as you may prefer a boxer briefs Instead of a roomier brief, a jockstrap does an extra function of keeping your parts where they belong, making fewer adjustments.


2. They are good for sports                                                                   

 They are often used by cyclists looking protection on bumpy roads, where jumping up and down on the saddle is not only uncomfortable but can also cause problems such as cysts and infections. In contact sports, they not only provide the same advantage of keeping everything neat in place, but also provide a more convenient layer to put on testicular protection.

3. They are breathable in the summer months.

The sun is out, summer is coming. This has to do with personal preferences, but those prone to sweating below the belt in the sweltering summer months might find that jockstraps are the most hygienic solution. Conventional underwear and garments made with sweat-wicking materials of sports brands, they'll work twice as hard to keep things dry in a heat wave. Just be sure to bring your Shorts or Chinese pants attached to your waist.

4. They maintain everything in its place.

And we're not just talking about a tighter bag for your pack. Jockstraps can convert pancakes in peaches, doing with men's butts what Spanx can do with women's. Generally constructed from a thicker waist with two straps that buttocks frame, creating a more pronounced split from butt to thigh. Not only will make it look bigger once you've removed your clothes, it can also contribute to a more rounded silhouette in shorts and pants.

5. It's morbid

Especially among gay men, jockstraps are used to increase the sex drive from your underwear, with a exposed rear which opens a lot of new foreplay windows. But outside the bedroom, and just like the lingerie, knowing that you are wearing something overtly sexy under your outfit, It can do wonders for your confidence, and there is nothing more elegant than confidence.

6. Variety of jockstraps 

Like every piece of clothing, it has many variants. On our page you will find a variety of jockstraps of the best brands: Maskulo, Bull UFG, Barcode Berlin, MisterB Y Modus Vivendi

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